dinsdag, december 12, 2017

Ellen Altfest #4

Ellen Altfest at work on a painting of a section of dead tree in Connecticut. (bron: The New York Times, foto: Wendy Carlson)

(bron: artnet, foto: Joe Fig)

maandag, december 11, 2017

Elisabeth Cummings #4

Inside the Studio, Wedderburn, Australia, 2012.

Real Still Life in the Studio, 2012. (bron: Annette Hamilton Art Writing, foto's: Annette Hamilton)

Elisabeth Cummings, Wedderburn. (bron: Paint later)

Elisabeth Cummings #3

Elisabeth Cummings. (bron: Nock Art Foundation)

Elisabeth Cummings is overlooking a dry river bed at Fowlers Gap, north-west of Broken Hill in outback NSW.

Elisabeth Cummings, oil on canvas, creek bed and eucalypts.

Badger Bates watches on as Elisabeth Cummings paints at Euriowie. (bron: Not the Way Home)

vrijdag, december 08, 2017

Eli Content #2

Atelier van Eli Content, 2017(?). (bron: trendbeheer)

Nog veel meer foto's bij trendbeheer (hk).

> Eli Content

donderdag, december 07, 2017

Billy Childish #2

In the studio with Billy Childish, Chatham, 2014. Stills from the video. (bron video: YouTube)

Billy busy making a wood cut at L-13, 2016. (bron: Floorr, foto's: Andy Keate(?))

> Billy Childish

woensdag, december 06, 2017

Billy Childish

Billy Childish in his studio. (bron: Post Magazine, foto: Fionnuala McHugh)

The studio is in a large warehouse space in the Chatham dockyards. Billy Childish paints there with his son Huddie. (bron: Obey, foto's: Ollie Murphy(?))

Billy and Huddie in the studio.

Billy in the studio. (bron: Coney's Loft, foto's: Rikard Österlund)

(bron: Collateral Drawing, foto's: Rikard Österlund)

> Billy Childish

Willem de Kooning #17

Willem De Kooning in his studio, 1950 - 1959 (Approximate). (bron: NYPL digital collections)

George Inness #3

Exterior Of George Inness'S Studio, Montclair, N.J. (bron: NYPL digital collections)

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John Everett Millais #2

J.E. Millais' Studio, 1882. (bron: NYPL digital collections, gravure: Octave L. Lacour)

dinsdag, december 05, 2017

Edward Burne-Jones #4

Edward Burne-Jones, selfportrait in the studio at Red Lion Square, 1858. (bron: The Morrisian)

Edward Burne-Jones #3

View of Burne-Jones's studio in West Kensington in 1901. (bron Leicester Galleries)

Edvard Munch #9


"Edvard Munch bought the estate Ekely, a former plant nursery at Skøyen on the outskirts of Oslo, in 1916. Ekely became his permanent residence until his death in 1944, and here he finally had enough space for his work. It consisted of two buildings, a main house, and studios, built especially for him after own drawings by his architect friend. It has fantastic high half glass ceiling giving cold luminous atmosphere of norwegian sun.

After artis’t death the main building got demolished and the studios stood in ruins until recently, when Munch Museum gave support to open studios for visitors."
(bron: Natasha A. Kimstatsch)

Edvard Munch #8

Draft for "The Human Mountain". From the outdoor studio at Ekely. (bron: Munch Museet, foto: Ragnvald Væring)

Ekely. (bron: Munch's Ekely)

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Edvard Munch: The Human Mountain: Towards the Light, 1927–1929. (collectie: Munch Museum)