woensdag, juni 28, 2017

Friedrich Kunath #3

Friedrich Kunath in his studio, L.A.

Some beautiful cars are parked in front of a big garage; a couple of them are the artist’s. In his roomy studio he has spread out his personal wunderkammer of pop-cultural artifacts across several tables, a selection of objects that mean a lot to him. In the middle of it all is a drum kit. On the walls are finished and almost-finished canvases. Born in 1974 in a small town in what was then East Germany, Kunath has made it big in L.A. With melancholy humor, his works hold a delicate balance over the chasms of everyday life.

On the day of our visit, there’s a warmth and softness in his eyes as he blinks. He is wearing a baseball cap. The painter has recently started getting more into perfume.
(bron: ssense, foto's: Christian Werner)

L.S. Lowry #2

L.S. Lowry at work in his studio, 1957.

L.S. Lowry is pictured working at Mottram Studio, circa 1970's. (bron: gettyimmages)

L.S. Lowry

L.S Lowry, Manchester, 1966. (bron: Manchester Evening News, foto's: Clive Arrowsmith)

LS Lowry at work in his studio. (bron: Manchester Evening News)

L.S. Lowry at work in his red-walled dining room, which he used as a studio. (bron: The Times)

Anish Kapoor , Bill Woodrow

Work Live Studio for Bill Woodrow, 2014. Location: Camberwell, London. Client: Bill Woodrow. Unbuilt.

"CFA have been asked to design a new studio space above the established studio for the sculptor. The project provides an opportunity for an outdoor space at the first floor missing from the light industrial unit. The project once constructed in 2015 will complete the refurbishment of a continuous façade of a single street in south London undertaken by the practice over a period of 6 years."
(bron: caseyfierroarchitects)

(bron: dezeen, foto: Ben Blossom)

(bron: Architects Journal, foto's: Ben Blossom)

Studio I for Anish Kapoor, 2012. Location: Camberwell, London. Client: White Dark Limited. Built.

"This project transformed a redundant diary building into new spaces for art making for the sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor. The new building comprises of 900 sqm of floor area spread over two floors with three distinct types of interior. A 9 m high north lit ground floor volume was created by removing a significant area of the first floor. An upper level painting studio together with a ground floor 4 m high volume that retained the fabric and material of the original. The architectural interventions provided an internal world free from external distraction and maintaining a discreet presence on the street."
(bron: caseyfierroarchitects)

Studio II & III for Anish Kapoor, 2014. Location: Camberwell, London. Client: White Dark Limited. Built. (bron: caseyfierroarchitects)

Studio IV, V, VI for Anish Kapoor, 2015. Location: Camberwell, London. Client: White Dark Limited. Built. (bron foto's: dezeen)

(bron: The Architect's Journal)

"The project was completed in late 2015 and is the final phase of the transformation of industrial units to studio spaces in South London for a sculptor and artist Sir Anish Kapoor. The project provided 3 new studio spaces. The artist works with differing media and processes and required flexible spaces for the unique processes to make work within self contained environments. The brief asked for 7.5 m high volumes with a roof structure having the load capacity to suspend a 3 metric tonne hanging load at any one point. The new spaces are naturally lit through diffuse glazed roof lights and 4 m high clerestory profiled glazing onto the east facing street elevation."
(bron: caseyfierroarchitects)

(bron: dezeen)

Plattegrond van het gehele ateliercomplex in Farmer's Road, Camberwell, London. het zwarte deel is het atelier van Bill Woodrow, inmiddels geheel omgeven door het ateliercomplex van Anish Kapoor (hk).

"Photograph of the existing street facade in 2010, and elevetional drawing of the new facade. Construction of the final element, a studio for sculptor Bill Woodrow (third unit from the right), is due to start later this year." (bron: Architecture Today)

Intussen heeft Anish Kapoor ruzie met zijn buren over de verdere uitbreiding van zijn ateliercomplex (hk).

Roof extension to Anis Kapoor's studio, London's Camberwell, as shown in these planning images.

"Anish Kapoor's plans to add a roof extension to his studio in London's Camberwell may be scuppered by complaints that it will block light and create "prison-like" homes for neighbours.
Plans for the corrugated aluminium-covered addition to the artist's studio by London architecture studio Caseyfierro Architects have been submitted to planners at Southwark Council in March.
But local residents are mounting a campaign against Kapoor's extension, which they believe will block out views of the sky and natural light from their homes.
The "upset and dismayed" residents have set up a Change campaign titled Stop Anish Kapoor stealing our light and colour! which has so far attracted 158 signatures opposing the artist's bid to increase the scale of his studio on Farmers Road.
(bron: dezeen)

> Anish Kapoor
> Bill Woodrow

dinsdag, juni 27, 2017

Bill Viola #6

Bill Viola dans son atelier à Signal Hil, Los Angeles.

Bill Viola avec sa compagne et complice Kira Perov.

Dans son hangar-atelier.

Dans son bureau, des photos, des dessins, des objets personnels. (bron: Le Figaro, foto's: Chris McPherson)

Bill Viola et sa compagne Kira Perov. (bron: Les arts plastiques)

> Bill Viola

maandag, juni 26, 2017

Marit Dik #2

Marit Dik: In Studio, 2016.

Marit Dik: Studio Work, 2016.
(bron: Marit Dik)

T/m 1 juli is de tentoonstelling "Make my day", met o.a. werk van Marit Dik te zien bij Jonkergouw KunstWerk | BMB in Amsterdam (hk).

> Marit Dik

Marit Dik

Marit Dik in haar atelier, Alkmaar, 2013. Stills uit de video "Alkmaarse kunstenaar Marit Dik verbeeldt vluchtige momenten". (bron video: YouTube)

Studio Alkmaar, 2011.(bron: The Artists In The World, foto: André Smits)

Studio Leipzig, 2012.

Studio Amsterdam, 2016.
(bron: Marit Dik, foto's: André Smits)

T/m 1 juli is de tentoonstelling "Make my day", met o.a. werk van Marit Dik te zien bij Jonkergouw KunstWerk | BMB in Amsterdam (hk).

> Marit Dik